In its 14th year, the 2015 MS Office Specialist World Championship attracted more than 400,000 unique candidates from 130 countries who competed to demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products.

FAME Training Institute has recently signed up as an Authorised Microsoft Office Specialist Testing & Training Centre in Dubai. For the year 2016 FAME is conducting a “MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST (MOS) PILOT CHAMPIONSHIP” in Dubai between 15th January 2016 and 15th June 2016.

Test Categories Microsoft Office Specialist
  • WORD
Who Can Participate?
  • Student in full time education
  • Age Group between 13 years and 22 years.
  • Qualifying Round (Intra – Within Institute)
  • Semi Final Round (Inter Institutes)
  • Final Round (Between winners of Semi Final)

Register Now!!!:

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