CA Ashwin Dedhia addresses the students of The Crescent School on 20th October 2016   One of the greatest needs of students in their formative years in life is that of making the right career choice.  Choosing the career is not always easy. But it isn’t really difficult either. You must understand that the career option you choose should be the decision that you make after careful analysis of yourself. You should not grab the first option that pops into our mind. Instead, you must consider the long-range consequences or values you want to achieve. You should gather all the information and develop a careful plan which will help you in making the right decision.   The decision of choosing a career is highly critical and students need effective guidance on helping them understand their interests and likes and then take a decision. The Crescent School invited CA Ashwin Dedhia – Mentor, FAME Training Institute to address the students of Grade 10 & 11. Mr. Ashwin Dedhia being a Chartered Accountant by profession was an apt person for this talk. He shared his insights on what is a Career, what are the key factors to be kept in mind while choosing a career and so on. He counselled the students in choosing career paths based on their inner hidden talents. CA Ashwin Dedhia also advised them to conduct a self assessment test which will help them to identify their true potentials based on which they will be able to choose the right path leading to right career for them.   Saying “thank you” is not enough to express how much we appreciate the efforts of The Crescent School in arranging the session. We are thankful to Ms. Shabana Khan – Career Counselor, Ms. Negar Khan – Principal, for providing us this opportunity to speak to the students and erase the confusion in their minds to a great extent.]]>