Slide Master is the top slide that controls all information about the theme, layout, background, color, fonts, and positioning of all slides. Using the Slide Master can be an easy way to adjust the look of an existing theme or make overall changes to all slides in your presentation.

How to view the Slide Master

To view a Slide Master, go to View Tab and click the Slide Master icon.   The Slide Master view enables you to edit the Slide Master by clicking on the top slide and choosing the theme, font, color, or other settings you want for the presentation. If there are any slides you do not want in your presentation, highlight the slide and press delete. The first slide is the actual Slide Master and any changes you make in the master slide will affect all other slides. Any changes made to a layout slide will change only that particular slide.   When you edit the slide master, all slides that follow that master will contain those changes. However, the majority of changes that you make will most likely be to the slide layouts related to the master. Slide Master is the best solution whenever you want to secure your presentation. Other people working in your presentation (in Normal view) can’t accidentally delete or edit what you’ve done. On the other hand, if you’re working in Normal view and find that you’re unable to edit an element on a slide it may be because the thing you’re trying to change is defined on the Slide Master. To edit that thing, you must switch to Slide Master View. It is always advisable to edit your slide master and layouts before you start to create individual slides. By doing so all the slides will be based on keep your customised theme. If you edit the slide master or layouts after you create individual slides, you’ll need to reapply the changed layouts to the existing slides in your presentation in Normal view.       I believe using Slide Master View can reduce a lot of your time taken to make a presentation. The changes made in the slide master will apply the changes to all the slides in the presentation and hence you no longer have to make changes individually to each and every slide in the presentation.]]>