WordArt is decorative text that you can add to a document. You can make changes to WordArt, such as the font size and the text color, by using the drawing tools options available automatically after you insert or select the WordArt in a document.WordArt allows you to create stylized text with effects such as textures, shadows, outline and many more.   To apply WordArt to a text box follow the steps given below: Step 1: To create WordArt, go to Insert Tab and Click on WordArt. From the WordArt Styles gallery pick up the style which best suits your presentation and type the text you desire.   Step 2: The placeholder text “Your text here” appears, with the text highlighted. Enter your own text to replace the placeholder text. You can enter entire sentences, and even paragraphs, as WordArt. You can include symbols as WordArt text. Click the location for the symbol, and on the Insert tab, click Symbol, and pick the symbol you want.

Customise your WordArt:

You can use the text options in the WordArt Styles group. You can also try Shape styles and effects which are applicable to the text box and not text. You can different effects to your WordArt, such as shadows, rotation, curves, and fill and outline colors. All these options are available you use the options in the WordArt Styles group, including Text Fill, Text Outline, and Text Effects.  

Change the fill and outline color of WordArt text

To change the fill and outline colour of WordArt text you need to select the WordArt text. The Drawing Tools Format tab appears.On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Text Fill or Text Outline, and pick the color you want and then Click outside of your text box to see the effect.

Create curved or circular WordArt, and add other text effects

To create a curved or circular WordArt, select the WordArt text. The Drawing Tools Format tab appears. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Text Effects. There are various options available namely Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Bevel, 3D Reflection and Transform. You may choose any effect you want. Click outside of your text box to see the effect.

Rotate or flip WordArt text

To rotate WordArt text to any angle, select it, and then drag the circular rotation handle at the top of the box. You must first click the Drawing Tools Format tab and then click Rotate in the Arrange group.

Change the font of WordArt text

To change the font size or style of your WordArt text you need to select the WordArt text and then go to Home tab, select options in the Font group, such as font style, font size, or underline.]]>