Hyperlinks – Add Interactivity Hyperlinks in the word document give readers instant access to information in another part of the same document. Adding hyperlinks to text can provide access to websites and email addresses directly from your document. The hyperlink can be text or graphics. For example, the address could be www.FameTraining.ae and the display text could be FAME Training Institute. When a Hyperlink is created using Word you will be able to choose both the address and the display text.   Hyperlinks provide information to the readers without repeating the same information on different pages.Word often recognizes email and web addresses as you type and will automatically format them as hyperlinks after you press Enter or the spacebar.

Let us understand how to add hyperlinks to a location within the same document:

Select the text you want to format as a hyperlink.Go to Insert tab, then click the Hyperlink command.   The Insert Hyperlink dialogue box will appear.The selected text will appear in the Text to display: field at the top. You can change this text if you want. In the Address: field, type the address you want to link to, then click OK.     The text will then be formatted as a hyperlink.   In case you wish to Edit, Open, Remove or Copy hyperlinks then you may do so by following this simple method. In case you want to Edit the hyperlink, then Right click on the hyperlink and click on Edit Hyperlink. The Edit Hyperlink dialogue box will appear. Make the necessary changes in the Text to Display Field or Address Field and then click OK. In case you want to Open the hyperlink, then Right click on the hyperlink and click on Open Hyperlink. It will redirect you to the website from your document. In case you want to Remove the hyperlink, then simply Right click on the hyperlink and click on Remove Hyperlink. The hyperlink will be removed from the word document converting the hyperlinked text to a simple text. In case you want to Copy the hyperlink, then Right click on the hyperlink and click Copy Hyperlink. I believe Hyperlinks can be the easiest and the convenient ways to direct your reader towards specific websites and it will also lead to clear and precise communication.    ]]>