speaker notes. Speaker notes are notes added to PowerPoint presentation slides as a reference for the presenter. An area of a PowerPoint slide that is hidden during the presentation is reserved for notes for the speaker. Here the presenter jots important key points that he wants to cover during the presentation. Only the speaker can see the notes. The speaker can print these notes out, accompanied by a thumbnail version of the appropriate slide, to keep as a handy reference to use when he is making his oral presentation. Of course the speaker can print the notes in the form of a properly structured Notes Page. In order to add the notes below the slides, you must locate the Notes pane at the bottom of the screen, directly below the Slide pane. Then click and drag the edge of the pane to make it larger or smaller. Once the notes pane has been adjusted you can type your notes in the Notes pane. To print the notes pages: Open the presentation for which you want to print notes pages with slide thumbnails.  Go to File Tab and on the left side of the File tab, click Print. Under Settings, click the arrow next to Full Page Slides, and then under Print Layout, click Notes Pages.To specify the page orientation, click the arrow next to Portrait Orientation, and then click Portrait Orientation or Landscape Orientation in the list.If you want to print your notes and slide thumbnails in color, select a color printer. Click the arrow next to Color, and then click Color in the list. Then click Print.]]>