Watermark – Valued Addition Watermarking word documents is an essential step in protecting documents. Watermarks are text or pictures placed behind the text in your document. You can add text watermarks, such as Draft or Confidential, to your document. Word has a gallery of watermarks to choose from, or you can create your own custom watermark, such as a company logo for your document. A watermark can be a valued addition to your Word document if you want to enhance the appearance of the document. The document may look even more interesting when a logo or image is added as a watermark. The content of the document can also be identified by using a watermark for example a draft or confidential information. Watermarking in Microsoft Word 2013 is an amazingly useful feature for communicating the nature and restrictions of a document. Watermarking need not be only Textual. You can also add pictures like company logo or signature picture to help readers know the originator and owner of a document. In earlier versions of Microsoft Word, Watermark option was available under Page Layout Tab but in Microsoft Word 2013 you can see this option in Design Tab.

The Working

Follow the steps given below to create watermark: Step 1: Go to Design Tab and select Watermark under Page Background group.   Step 2: Choose one of the built-in watermarks in the displayed watermark gallery. If you want to add your own watermark then select Custom Watermark option and Printed Dialogue box will open.   Step 3: To add a Textual Watermark, select Text Watermark and all the options under Text watermark will be enabled. Experiment with the font, font size, colour, layout and transparency to see what looks best for your document. Select all the necessary options and then Click Apply. The text watermark will be applied based on the settings selected.     To add a Picture as a watermark, then you must Select Picture watermark, and then choose Select Picture. Select the picture that you want, and then choose Insert.Select the Washout check box to lighten the picture so that it doesn’t interfere with text.   #Microsoft #Word #ValueAddition #Watermark #FAME]]>