Microsoft Office Specialist Championship – Sabiha Sheik I signed up for the Microsoft Office Specialist championship when representatives from the FAME training institute visited my college. I wanted to test my skills in Word, which was a program I used everyday. I was delighted  when I passed the qualifying round for the competition.After the qualifying round, FAME training institute organized a practice test session to ensure that the students were prepared for the new format project-based tests.The semifinals was a great experience and I felt I was prepared after the practice test offered by FAME. I practiced a lot, taking Gmetrix practice tests and went through books and  review material available online. The day of the finals I was very confident  and actually wasn’t very worried as I knew no matter what the result of the finals was as I would go home with my newfound knowledge. I was astounded when they called out my name as the MOS Word 2013 national champion. FAME training provided me with this amazing opportunity to be able to represent UAE at the World finals in Anaheim, CA. The time after the results were declared to the day on my flight, I spent rigorously preparing and redoing the Gmetrix tests a lot of times and even going through expert level topics of word. The support offered by FAME training institute was of great help and they constantly encouraged us along the way. They kept in touch with us and made sure we were practicing and offered training sessions to improve. FAME training institute  also arranged an invitation letter and provided documents for application of US visa and I received the visa within a week’s time. On reaching the Disneyland hotel, we were greeted with warm smiles by the Certiport staff and handed out event guides and goodies. We had a keyboard testing session arranged for us so that we could test out the keyboard and get comfortable with it which helped a lot while performing the exam. I had the opportunity to meet student competitors from different countries and interact with them. FAME training institute has provided a great opportunity for students to recognize potential within themselves.]]>