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About FAME Training Institute

FAME Training Institute is a one-stop solution for learning everything about Accountancy and Management. At FAME Training Institute, we start as your advisors, you make us your guide and then as we go on to make your career, we become your mentors. This is not just any accounting course that we are talking about, this is a relationship we shall be building.Recognizing the ever-growing demand for quality accounts and finance professionals in UAE and to contribute to the country’s need for a skilled workforce, FAME – Financial Accounting & Management Education began its operation in September 2014
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About Les Transformations

Les Transformations, with extensive research on role of teacher on student learning outcomes, has been striving to create a structure of continuous upgradation of learning outcomes of teacher education. They believe that teacher education is at the core of every educational framework around the world and till not revamped it may become an obstacle in growth of students and hence the society & maybe even a complete state. To bridge the gap of pedagogy and subject based skills in teacher education, they have created proprietory learning & evaluation frameworks focussed on in-service teacher skilling. There  systems have been tested across the geographies with people of different socio-economic backgrounds and have recorded excellent results.  The solutions includes a blended model of learning with both face-to-face instructer led trainings and self paced mobile learning for every teacher in the system. The system generates weekly, monthly and yearly reports at  school, district & state levels. These reports can further be used to not just map every teacher’s learning over an year but also can help devise policies and plans for next three to five years, based on competency level of the teachers in the school.
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Why choose Us?

Most of the schools are confused about which company to choose and work with.Everybody claims to be KHDA approved and acclaims that their courses are the best.  FAME training has an answer for you. 

  1. To check which company has KHDA permit or not, go to www.khda.gov.ae
  2. Click on training institutes and search for the training institute that you wish to check
  3. Go to their courses tab and check what all are they approved for.
  4. Then come back to Fame Training and write to us about your requirements at


We will get back to you with a pocket friendly and highly effective solution. Some of our programs come with 100% guarantee of Permit exam clearing. Do ask us about the same.

Our teacher training team has an experience of training over 100,000 teachers across the world and our content is second to none. Our team includes researchers, cognitive scientists, teachers, trainers and Principals from schools.

When you enrol your teachers on our Teacher Licence preparation programme, you get:

  • Training on 6 MPD’s
  • Preparation on 4 standards
  • E portfolio for your teachers
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Teaching qualifications, if required (from our partner organisation)

On successful completion, all your teachers get a KHDA approved training certificate.

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Process that we follow

1. Initial pedagogical assessment of the teachers
2. Teaching documents review and mapping of pedagogical levels to documentation level of the school
3. Customising the program based on discreet needs of school and creating a learning model (online/ face to face/ blended)
4. Continuous feedback and data analysis of teachers learning, mapped to each individual performance criteria in the four standards given by KHDA 
5. Mock exams and practise questions based on each performance criteria based on KHDA question models.
6. Regular in-school doubt clearing sessions 
7. E portfolio with all learning data, and other required data with a single button sharing option to be submitted to KHDA or school authorities. This portfolio stays with the school/teacher for renewals of the license over the years
8. Finally, we would bring all of this mounted on our experience of training around 100,000 teachers in different national & international  curriculum schools and being the first movers in bringing cognitive sciences to pedagogical skills (which is exactly what KHDA wants to assess the teachers on and they approved us when they saw that in our content).  
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