Abu Dhabi student who achieves Microsoft Certification

Arivumugilan Mugundhan, a Grade 9 student of Private International English School, Abu Dhabi, has a story of his own.

Like his classmates and friends Arivumugilan enrolled for the MOS Championship UAE 2017. For him the Championship was like any other competitions related to Computers. But the curiosity and the seriousness increased as the championship progressed with around 1500 student registrations.

Extra Efforts

Despite of his preparation Arivu did not score great marks in the Qualifying Round. He took this competition as a challenge and wanted to do his best in the Semi Finals. Unlike other students Arivu took the GMetrix Practice tests seriously and came all the way to FAME Dubai to avail the free practice tests. He even took additional practice tests which were chargeable so that he scores better in the Semi Finals. He found great satisfaction using GMetrix practice tools provided by FAME to upgrade his MOS skills.

With the support of his teachers, parents and FAME Arivu scored 985 out of 1000 and secured his place in the Finals of MOS Championship UAE 2017. He came to FAME for the second time to use GMetrix practice tests and prepare well for the Championship. Even though he did not win the Championship, he urges every student competing in MOS Championship to make use of available GMetrix practice tools which prove to be of great help.


Arivu today is proud to be called as Microsoft Office Specialist and he owes his success to his parents, Teachers and FAME Dubai for guiding him and supporting him with valuable feedback and suggestions throughout the Championship.



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