The Sheffield Private School organized Career Fair on 6th December 2015 at the School auditorium. The purpose of the Career fair was to help students to have a broad understanding of what academic choices they have at the university level.


The Career Fair 2015 was an effective platform provided to the students to interact with different universities and other educational institutions to understand in detail about the courses and certification that they were to offer. This initiative taken by The Sheffield Private School gave an opportunity to the students to be aware of the different career avenues they can explore in future within and outside UAE. Students attended the fair with enthusiasm and focus. They asked different questions to the universities they aspire to join and explored what undergraduate studies look like.

FAME Training Institute was glad to be a part of Career Fair 2015 at The Sheffield Private School, Dubai. The students were inquisitive to know about the courses offered by FAME and also inquired about the different courses available for students specifically who are planning to pursue a career in Finance and Accounting. The students were happy to know that FAME Courses are focused on developing their Practical Accounting skills.

Ms. Krithika Ghosh – Career Counselor thanked FAME Training Institute for accepting the invitation and taking part in the Career Fair.

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FAME is a leading Accountancy training provider. FAME brings together under one roof a wide range of accounting courses blended with real world experience and practical application. FAME aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical challenges that accountants face in their day to day working. We provide practical workplace skills for finance staff meeting the needs of employers, bankers, government and learners, both now and in the future. Our students are integral to the success of an organisation and at the heart of ensuring the smooth running of an accounting department.