Cross Referencing – Referencing of the documents made easier


Imagine you are working on a long document and you would want to link it to a chart or graphic that appears elsewhere in the document. Do you think it is possible? I am sure many of you will be wondering as to how to do that.


Yes. It is absolutely possible by using a feature known as Cross References. Cross-Referencing is a hyperlink with auto-generated text which refers to places within your document, like a picture, heading or tables.A cross-reference allows you to link to other parts of the same document. For example, you might use a cross-reference to link to a table that appears elsewhere in the document. The cross-reference appears as a link that takes the reader to the referenced item.


To Insert Cross-Referencing use the following procedure:


Step 1:

Open your Word document and place the mouse pointer where you wish to insert cross-Referencing.You cannot cross-reference something that doesn’t exist. So ensure you create the chart, heading, page number, etc., before you try to link to it. When you insert the cross-reference, you’ll see a dialog box that lists everything that’s available to link to.



Step 2:

Click on the “Reference” Tab and go to “Captions” group and choose “Cross-Referencing”.

Step 3:

The Cross-reference window opens. If you wish to cross reference a figure then choose figure in the “Reference type” drop down list. A list of selected reference types of you document will be shown in the “For which” Caption and within the “Insert Reference to” drop down list select below/above. Click on the “Insert” button.


Step 4:

Now you will see a link appearing from the Auto Inserted text to your heading. Press and hold down a control key and click the reference.



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