Desire to excel, leads to an Achievement!

Mr. Anjan Kumar Bera, Father of Diya Bera – Microsoft Word 2013 Finalist expresses his pride on his daughter’s achievement and says that it is because of Diya’s desire and determination that she reached to the Finals of Microsoft Office Specialist Championship UAE 2017 and has secured a Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate in Microsoft Word 2013.

The Microsoft Office Specialist Championship UAE 2017 was a great platform for the students to showcase their skills in Microsoft. Diya Bera from GEMS Our Own Indian School was one among the 40 Finalists who competed to bag the Champion Title in their respective categories.

Diya Bera, Grade 11 student of GEMS Our Own Indian School competed in Microsoft Word 2013. Mr. Anjan Kumar Bera, Father of Diya Bera when asked about his thoughts on the Championship shares “This is an amazing platform provided to the students to demonstrate their Microsoft Skills. Diya takes part in this Championship every year with great enthusiasm. She achieved Microsoft Specialist Certificate – Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in Microsoft Office Specialist ‘Pilot’ Championship Dubai 2016 and this year she has secured a Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate – Microsoft Word 2013”.

He further adds – “The support and encouragement given by the teachers of GEMS Our Own Indian School is incredible. It is because of their motivation that she takes part in every competition. These competitions instill a sense of confidence in her and also boost her morale”.

Mr. Anjan Kumar congratulated and thanked for a wonderful opportunity provided to the students. Students use Microsoft Office Applications everyday while preparing their school projects, presentations and so on but this competition helped them to learn something new in terms of new features or learning new ways of performing a task using Microsoft office.

“I am proud of my daughter. It is because of her hard work and dedication she reached to the finals. Even though she did not win any prize she is still a Winner for me” – says the proud father.

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