Enhance the productivity of your Word documents by using Spellings and Grammar check

Spelling and grammar errors in your Word documents can leave a bad impression on your audience. Fortunately, Word can help you find and correct these errors before anyone sees your document.

Microsoft Word’s built-in spelling and grammar checking tool will not just help you find the misspelled word but also enable you to correct it in no time.

Word automatically checks your spelling and grammar as you type. Wavy red underlines indicate possible spelling errors, and wavy blue underlines indicate possible grammar errors.

There are 2 ways to correct the spelling and grammar errrors.

  • You can right-click the underlined text and choose a quick correction from the shortcut menu. A useful feature when checking spelling and grammar is Word’s AutoCorrect feature. When Word indicates a word in a document may be misspelled or incorrect with a squiggle under it, you can right-click the word to see suggestions. If a suggestion is correct, select it to replace the word.
  • You can also check the spellings and grammar of your entire word document at once by going to Review Tab. One by one, each potential error appears in a dialog box, and you click buttons to decide how to deal with each one.

You will see the following options:

  • Ignore – To leave the text as is in a specific instance, but be notified if Microsoft Word finds the same thing again, click Ignore.
  • Ignore All – To leave the text as is in this and future instances, click Ignore All.
  • Add – Adding a word to your dictionary will prevent Microsoft Word from ever noting this word as being misspelled again.
  • Change – To correct only this instance of the misspelling, click Change.
  • Change All – To correct all instances of the misspelling throughout the document, click Change All.

The Spelling and Grammar check feature of Microsoft Word 2013 is an effective tool to correct your mistakes with a high degree of accuracy and speed, and to improve document productivity.

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