Fixed Assets Management

Fixed assets management is a process that seeks to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, preventive maintenance and meeting audit requirements. Organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. Companies expect their accountants to make capital budgets, track fixed assets and make provisions for depreciation. As the organization grows the process of tracking fixed assets, computing depreciation, asset retirement and procurement needs to be integrated and traceable.

The course is designed to ensure you get a thorough understanding and control of the complete cycle from capital budgeting to fixed assets retirement. The cycle starts with evaluating various options, purchase order, acquiring fixed asset, maintaining fixed assets register, computing depreciation and its proper reporting in financial statements.

The objective of the course is to ensure that you have full visibility of the tasks and stages in process; you are able to plan the projected cash outflow and enable the management with required data to take better decisions in managing fixed assets. Accountants and managers who master this process would be in a position to add more values to their companies and eventually get more authority and faster growth.

  • Graduates wishing to develop career in accounting.
  • Working professionals wanting to enhance their Fixed Assets Management related expertise.
  • Owners and the management team of the organization, who wish to increase control over Fixed Assets Management.

At FAME, we conduct exam after completion of the course and the students are expected to achieve 75% or more score for passing.

Students are required to appear for Online Tests and Offline Examinations at the different stages of the course. Practical Assignments & Projects are given during the course.

Consolidated score with appropriate weight-age to each pattern of testing would be considered for grading in Final Certificate. Successful participants will be awarded Certificate from FAME.

FAME is a Training Institute recognised by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority – Dubai).


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