PowerPoint presentation is an amazingly useful program developed by Microsoft which helps in creating wonderful presentations. A presentation needs to be appealing in order to achieve its purpose. Presentation with only texts make it very boring. Pictorial presentations are very impactful and highly appealing.

For a pictorial presentation you need to add pictures. But what will you do in case you do not have any picture saved in your computer? Well there is a solution. If you don’t have the picture you want on your computer, you can find a picture online to add to your presentation.

Let us see how to add an online picture to your presentation.

Step 1:

Place the insertion point where you want the image to appear. Go to Insert tab and select Online Pictures from Images group.

Step 2:

When online Pictures is clicked, Insert Pictures dialogue box will appear which shows Bing Image Search. Bing Image Search option is used to search the Internet for images. By default, Bing only shows images that are licensed under Creative Commons, which means you can use them for your own projects. However, it is advisable to go to the image’s website to see if there are any restrictions on how it can be used.

Type the name of image you are looking for. For example, in case you are making a presentation on Global Warming you will need to insert an image relating to Global Warming or nature. Type the word “Global Warming” Bing Search Box and then press Enter.

A dialogue box showing various images on Global Warming will appear. Select the image you want to insert

Step 3:

The image will be inserted in the presentation. When you click on the image Picture Tools option is enabled. Using the Picture Tools option you can format the picture. You can change the Picture border, add effects to the picture, and crop the picture and so on.

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