Inserting Column Breaks in Word 2013 – Made easy

Microsoft Word 2013 is a widely used word processing program which allows you to create different kinds of documents both for personal as well as professional use. It offers a number of features which you can make use of to prepare your documents. But how many of us are aware of a feature called Column breaks? Do you know what column breaks are? Where can you find this feature in Word 2013?

Let us understand in detail.

Column break is a type of Page break which indicates that the text following the column break will begin in the next column. Columns are mostly used in newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters and others. So adding Column breaks will give you more control over the formatting of the document.

 Insert Columns into your Word Document:

To insert columns, follow the steps given below:

Select the Paragraph which you want to break into columns.

Go to Page Layout Menu, Select Columns option and Under Columns options you will see options with One, Two, Three, Left, Right and More Columns. In case you want to break the paragraph into more than three columns then you may choose More Columns Option.

The example below shows creating a paragraph into 2 columns.

The Figure shows the Page Layout Menu and Column Options.

Insert Column breaks:

Once you’ve created columns, the text will automatically flow from one column to the next. Sometimes you might want to control exactly where each column begins. You can do this by creating column breaks.

To insert Column breaks follow the steps given below

Place the cursor where you want the column to break. Then go to Page Layout Menu and select Breaks.

The Figure below shows the Page Layout Menu and Breaks.

Once you select Breaks option a menu with options will appear. Click Column and a Column break will be inserted.

Figure below shows the how the document would look like before adding Column break and after adding Column Break.

After inserting Column break, the paragraph beginning from “Those having pets….. has moved to the second column.

Inserting Column and Column breaks in the document will make the document look more organsied and increase the readability. Column breaks not only control the formatting of the document but also allows you to utilise all of the available space in the document.

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