Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) ‘Pilot’ Championship – Dubai 2016

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) ‘Pilot’ Championship – Dubai 2016

In its 14th year, the 2015 MS Office Specialist World Championship attracted more than 400,000 unique candidates from 130 countries who competed to demonstrate their mastery of Microsoft Office products.

FAME Training Institute has recently signed up as an Authorised Microsoft Office Specialist Testing & Training Centre in Dubai. For the year 2016 FAME is conducting a “MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST (MOS) PILOT CHAMPIONSHIP” in Dubai between 15th January 2016 and 15th June 2016.

Test Categories

Microsoft Office Specialist

  • WORD

Who Can Participate?

  • Student in full time education
  • Age Group between 13 years and 22 years.


  • Qualifying Round (Intra – Within Institute)
  • Semi Final Round (Inter Institutes)
  • Final Round (Between winners of Semi Final)

Students (Participants)

  • Online Registration (or Offline Desk)
  • Fees – AED 100
  • Privileges / Take aways
    • 2 Hours Training
    • 2 Practice Test
    • Participation Certificate
    • Discount Coupon


  • Institutional Partner
  • No Participation Fees
  • Privileges / Take aways
    • LOGO on website
    • Training & Elimination in Institutes Premises
    • Event Passes

Phase OneJanuary 2016 – March 2016

Initial Assessment without any formal training.  FAME will set up testing facilities at Institutional Sponsors Premises and invite students to participate, choosing any categories – Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Student has to register separately for each category. In case 1 student qualifies in more than one category (s)he has to choose only 1 category for moving further rounds, this would not be allowed to be changed later.

Participating Schools, Colleges or Universities (Institutional Sponsors) may offer their students the opportunity forTraining & Practice Tests in Sponsors Premises through FAME. Dates will be confirmed and announced once Institution suggests the facilitation process. Alternatively participating Students can book their slots for Training & Practice Test at FAME Training Institute.

For further practice and training during Initial assessment, students may opt either for Formal Training or Self-Study pattern.

Students from each Institution will be chosen based on the highest scores to qualify for Semi-Finals.

Phase TWOMarch 2016 – May 2016

Students will have to give Live Microsoft Office Specialist Exam to qualify this round. The Examination shall be conducted on the scheduled date(s) and Examination Fees (for 1 Attempt only) of AED 650 shall be paid by FAME.

Additional FREE Training (for upto 7 hours) and FREE Practice Tests (upto 4 attempts) shall be provided by FAME to students qualified for SEMI-FINAL round without any cost to students.

If one undertakes the exam but did not qualify for the Microsoft Certificate or wish to re-appear, (s)he can try again to improve your score. Students may go for additional attempts for the Semi-Finals at their own cost, however the highest score for only one attempt (as confirmed by student) shall be considered for Competition.

Phase THREEJUNE 2016

The best students (based on highest Score) in each category, from any of the participating Institutions will be invited to compete for the Title of Dubai Champion in Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

The Microsoft Office Specialist Championship Finals will be held on or before 15th June 2016 at a Venue to be announced later. During this event Finalists shall compete for the Title of DUBAI CHAMPION for 2016 in each category i.e. Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

For Further information and sponsorship interests please don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAME Training Institute
PO Box No. 103904, Suite 210, Office Court Building, Opp Metro Exit 1, Oud Metha,  Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone : 04 396 4885 | Web: | Email: [email protected]

Winners Gain at Each Level

Intra Institutional winners (Phase 1) – going to Semi-Finals

  • Special Training at FAME for going to next round of Competition
  • Additional Practice tests & Training Support
  • Certificates + Freebies
  • Semi-Finals will be on Certiport MOS Examination (Worth AED 650) – with Certificates directly from Microsoft

Inter Institutional Winners (Phase 2) – going to Finals

  • Repeat facilities as outlined above with additional attempt to MOS exam during Finals

Finalists – Microsoft Office Specialist “PILOT” Championship – Dubai 2016

Winners – Laptop + Trophy + Certificate + Rotating Trophy for Institute

Runner ups – TAB + Trophy + Certificate + Rotating Trophy for Institute

The Microsoft Office Specialist ‘Pilot’ Championship – Dubai 2016 conducted by FAME Dubai is an Intra-Institutional and Inter-Institutional (Schools & Universities) competition that tests student’s skills in 3 categories (Microsoft Office Word® 2010, Excel® 2010 and PowerPoint® 2010). Students are invited to represent their respective Institutes for the Championship. At the Championship Event, each student competes for DUBAI CHAMPION in his or her category. At different Institutes, students are required to participate in an institutional assessment, and the winners of that event continue on to the journey for MOS ‘Pilot’ Championship.
Anyone may participate in the qualification round of testing, but to participate in the Championship, candidates must be students that are enrolled in a participating institution. Students must also be between the age group of 13 and 22 (as of June 15, 2016). Students participating in the MOS ‘Pilot’ Championship must be able to provide proof of age and student status upon request. By taking an assessment and entering this Championship, participants agree to abide by all terms of the Championship.
The Championship will include the following Three (3) categories:  Microsoft Office Specialist Word® 2010  Microsoft Office Specialist Excel® 2010  Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint® 2010
The students will be required to register with FAME through participating Institutes. He/ she can take part in this Championship by paying a nominal fee of AED 100 Only. The students must login to and fill in all the necessary details for their registration to receive the details of next steps.
Upon registration the students are entitled to receive the following: a. 2 Hours Training b. 2 Practice Test c. Participation Certificate
Yes. A student can attend the free training session and then decide if he/ she would like to register for the championship. They shall be required to attend the session whenever the same is scheduled in their institution.
The Winners of the Qualifying Round i.e. Intra-Institutional Round will be selected on the basis of Top Score Method. Top Score Method: FAME reviews the competition results for the Institute and selects the student with the top score for respective track. These students represent the Institute at the Semi Final Round of MOS ‘Pilot’ Championship Event. In the case where two participants of the same Institute have the same high Assessment score, the participant who completed the Assessment in the least amount of time will qualify for the next round. Institutional qualifiers who have become eligible for the Semi Final Round will be notified by the respective coordinators through circulars on Notice Board and / or by email sent to them directly.
Initial Assessment can be taken at Participating Institute’s Premises or any other premises as notified to them. The participants can give the exams only on the scheduled dates.
A student is allowed to take an exam only ONCE. If the student does not pass in the Qualifying round he/she will be eliminated from the Championship.
During the Qualifying Round, a Student can participate in MULTIPLE categories (Maximum 3). For example, they can give an assessment for Excel® 2010 and Word® 2010. However, if they qualify to participate in a Semi-Final Round or the Final Round, they can compete in only ONE Exam track.
The Microsoft office Specialist ‘Pilot’ Championship exam is an online examination where the registered student will be given a Login ID and Password through which students Knowledge and Application skills on the three categories are tested.
The Qualifying Round of Championship i.e. the Intra-Institutional competition is scheduled for 15th January 2016 to 15th March 2016.
Intra Institutional winners (Phase ONE) – going to Semi-Finals will receive the following:  Eligibility to participate in the Inter-Institutional Competition (Semi Final Round).  Additional Training at FAME for going to the Semi Finals.  Additional Practice tests  Certificate from FAME+ Freebies
The Semi-finals of the championship will be conducted in May 2016. The Semi-final is an Inter-Institutional competition where in all the qualified students from the Qualifying Round would compete against each other in their respective categories.
Inter Institutional Winners (Phase TWO) – going to Finals will receive the following prizes:  Eligibility to participate in the Finals of MOS ‘Pilot’ Championship.  Additional Training (for up to 7 hours)  FREE Practice Tests (up to 4 attempts)  Certificate from Microsoft + Freebies
The winners of Semi Finals (based on highest Score) in each category, will be eligible to participate in the Finals of MOS ‘Pilot’ Championship. The Finals will be held on or before 15th June 2016 at a Venue to be announced later. During this event, Finalists shall compete for the Title of DUBAI CHAMPION for 2016 in the respective categories.
The winners of Microsoft Office Specialist ‘Pilot’ Championship – Dubai 2016 will win themselves the following: Winners – Laptop + Trophy + Certificate + Rotating Trophy for Institute Runner ups – TAB + Trophy + Certificate + Rotating Trophy for Institute

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