Practical Accounting Skills

Importance of Practical Accounting Skills

“Accounting is the process of identifying, recording, classifying, summarizing,
analyzing, interpreting and communicating
economic information to permit informed judgements and decisions by users of the information.”

In today’s competitive world, mere academic excellence is not enough to fetch you a job. You need to have something more than just great marks. This is applicable to an Accounting Career too. Accounting Theory makes you knowledgeable but unless you know how to apply this knowledge in real life scenarios or practical working environment you cannot become a successful accountant. Accounting books cover examples on various topics but unless you work on them in real life you will realize that situations you are working on are not as same as the ones given in the books. You need to apply personal judgements to be successful in achieving the goal of the company.


Nowadays all schools and universities pay attention to practical skills of their students and consider such skills to be a crucial step boosting a career. With a similar objective in mind, The Winchester School – Jebel Ali invited CA Ashwin Dedhia to address the students of year 11 and 12 on Importance of Practical Accounting.


The session was held on 11th January 2015. CA Ashwin Dedhia shared his insights on how Practical implication of theory is important for a successful career in accounting. He demonstrated his understanding on Accounting Cycle by giving real life examples in order to help them understand how a particular transaction impacts the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet of the company.


CA Ashwin Dedhia also shares – “The chances of hiring the candidates with Practical Accounting skills is more as they are independent and competent. Helping students realize the importance of Practical Accounting at this young age will not only help them to sharpen their skills but will also give them a clarity about their career”.


The students were very enthusiastic throughout the Session. Ms. Sonali Gupta – Career Counsellor appreciated the efforts of FAME Training Institute and congratulated FAME for an amazing session.

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