Profile Oriented Courses

Profile Oriented Courses

Financial Accounting and Management Education Courses which are designed to prepare for a career in accountancy.

Account Executive

This qualification represents a typical starting point for those who have no prior knowledge of accounting or no experience in working within a finance department.
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This course represents a typical starting point for those who are working, or wish to work in an accounting role in practice or industry. This course is designed…
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Chief Accountant

This course is designed to introduce you to nitty-gritty of verification and reconciliation of accounting information generated from vouchers to financial statements
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Financial Controller

This Level takes you through the finer aspects of finance and prepares you for the real world financial challenges. Upon completion of the course, you can further
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In order to get practical skills on accounting, FAME was the most appropriate place to start!
Rachel Edwards
Nicest educational experience I have ever had in my life. Thanks FAME!
Manoj Desai
You can’t beat the learning atmosphere you get at FAME. It’s just great!
Salim Khan
FAME has been instrumental in building my career. I had a degree in accountancy but no practical experience. FAME helped me gain the real world experience. I have already recommended FAME to many of my friends. Thanks and keep the good work going.
Sujit Pillai
The teachers are understanding and approachable. My mentor guides me in my future aspirations as well!
Salma Ali
Accountancy has always been scary for me but after attending FAME, I enjoy playing with numbers. One word for all ‘Awesome’. Every session has just helped me get better and better. I can definitely say Accounting is interesting and learning it FAME way is making it more interesting.
Purnima Lodha

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