VAT is now a reality in UAE. With VAT the compliance and reporting era has got triggered for practically all businesses in UAE. The better you and your team is prepared better and more accurate would be your compliance.

This is speciment Test created to help individuals test their current understanding of Taxation as a concept and VAT in UAE in particular. Based on the scores acheived individuals can plan for furthering thier skills by additional reading or learning.

Companies can plan this test for thier teams to assess the level of their knowledge and also plan for custom training to help them do right and better compliance.

***Instructions for the Specimen Test***

a. There are 15 questions in the Specimen Test. You need to answer each of them.
b. The time allotted for the Specimen Test is 15 minutes and your timer will appear on top left side when you begin Specimen Test.
c. If you don’t know the answer of any question, you can click the button “Review Question”. The question will be marked in yellow and you can answer the question later if time is available.
d. Please decide in advance whether you want to answer question now or later, because once you answer the question, you will not be able to mark for review.
e. Questions marked for review will be considered unanswered if not answered by the user before clicking submit button.

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