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  Finance is the lifeblood of every organisation!! I am sure you would agree with the statement too. Finance or money keeps the business going. A business enterprise has to invest huge amount of funds to buy capital assets and to maintain its day to day operations. To undertake the business activities on a daily...
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Pride of UAE – Alina ZaidiAlina Zaidi
Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2017, Anaheim, CA – Excel 2013   Alina Zaidi speaks… The past few months have not only changed my perception of Microsoft Excel but have helped me become a more confident and motivated person. Excel is a software that I love using. It’s a beautiful software that assists me in...
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Encrypt Password – Microsoft PowerPoint ensures maximum security and protection to confidential presentations   Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is a presentation program developed by Microsoft which is widely used by organizations for making highly impact-ful presentations in no time. Microsoft PowerPoint has become a very common tool which is used by everyone raging from kids at...
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