We can tell you hundreds of reasons why FAME is the best choice. Instead, let us tell you few most important:

  1. Together, we bring together under one roof, a wide range of financial accounting and management training courses along with real world experience and practical application.
  2. The main characteristics of business happen to be growth and uncertainty, and these have led to a rapid growth of accounting professionals across the world. It is for such aspiring professionals, who wish to prosper in their careers, that we act as a catalyst, a friend, a philosopher and a guide.
  3. Our courses help people with different levels of expertise to map individual needs with business needs. The institute offers career enhancing courses for everyone – from entry level account executives to chief accountants and from financial controllers to auditors. We aim to ensure that our students acquire a set of skills that will be valuable to them as well as to their employers.
  4. The concept and curriculum for training has been put together after a detailed review and research of SME businesses across the globe and particularly, UAE.
  5. The objective of the institute is to create professionals, who can lead and foster both creativity and innovation in a dynamic financial environment.
  6. Accountants face a gap between theoretical knowledge and practical challenges in their day to day work. FAME aims to bridge this gap by providing practical workplace skills.

The key to success of a business is keen knowledge of state of affairs of one’s own business. Accounting has gone computerized; however, many experienced accountants face challenges in using the accounting software, extracting information for decision making and learning ever-updating new features. On the other hand, while young accountants familiar with computers and accounting software are able to use the software, their lack of in-depth knowledge of the core fundamentals of accounting, leads to risk of inaccurate data compilation and reporting.

If you are still not convinced about FAME being the best option to carve your own bright future, we would also like to assure you that the course is a well-recognised and of high quality apart from being taught by best trainers in the industry and in modern with state-of-the-art facilities. We aim to provide our students with a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment.

Goals & Objectives

We strive to create competent and effective professional accountants.
• We have short duration programs in accounting and management training which enable the candidates to acquire excellent, value based, education while working.
• We intend to break all barriers of age and existing qualifications and provide access to high quality education to all those who seek it.
• In our radar of focus are also those who had to quit education for some reason and wish to get back the same, to take their careers ahead.
• With live examples and practical, we teach students to be equipped to handle real life work-situations.
• At FAME, we intend to give a global perspective.
• We aim to foster your intellectual excellence.
• Our goal is also to acquire systematic approach to identification of business problems and their solutions.
• Lastly, we also strive to offer need-based programs to professionals by providing professional and vocational orientation to the courses.

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